Pattern Spotlight: Zora by Jennifer Wood

I’m one of those knitters that always has at least 2-1,000,000 things on the needles. Of course, there’s always one project that pulls my attention more than the others, and Zora has been one of them.

I. Love. This. Shawl.

I only had to cast on a few stitches to get started, one the reasons I love shawls so much. There’s enough going on to keep me interested, but not so much that I can’t take it with me. Once you get it going, it’s so easy to “read your knitting” which means I can look at the pattern less. I don’t get to completely ignore the pattern, but I’m not staring at it counting every stitch. Some good stitch markers and I can even watch some not-too-intense TV. (GoT might be a bit much for this pattern, but honestly, who can knit while watching GoT?!)

zora jennifer wood woodhouseknits wood house knits anzula squishy miniskeins mini skeins skeinettes temperance citizenskein yellow grellow gray grey

Jennifer started with our Squishy Skeinettes in Citizen Skein, our gray gradient pack, and added a skein of Squishy in Temperance for a pop of color. I put together more color combos I thought would work really will with this pattern; Citizen Skein and either Alice, Au Natural, Garnet, Poppy, or Temperance. What do you think?

You can find Zora Yarn Bundles in these shops:

  • The Tinsmith’s Wife in Comfort, TX

  • Knitique in Elk Grove, CA

  • Swisher’s Yarn Basket in Danville, PA

  • The Nifty Knitter in Issaquah, WA

You can also special order these from any shop that carries Anzula. We have a few ready to go, so if you’re quick, there’s no wait! (Shop owners, you’ll find these in stock now in our wholesale shop here. Shoot me an email if you need access).

The best thing about this shawl is how easy it will be to wear once it’s done. This shape is so comfy and easy!

zora shawl03.jpg

We love working with designers, so if you have an idea, tell us about it here! We welcome submissions from all levels in any fiber craft.

Ainsley & Bridgitte from Wood House Knits

Every year I see a lot of advertisements for sophisticated holiday clothes, as though most December days are spent in sequins and heels. While there can be plenty of opportunities to dress up, there are plenty of moments for which something more casual is more appropriate. Jennifer Wood of Wood House Knits has designed a couple of sweaters that are both casual and elegantly special.

Ainsley was designed in Oasis, our camel and silk blend. It's a simple and polished tunic sweater worked from the top down, shown here in Kale. 

© Jennifer Wood

© Jennifer Wood

The slight shaping is worked on the back of the sweater, and can be omitted for a straighter fit. The seed stitch at the cuffs and hems adds interest. 

© Jennifer Wood

© Jennifer Wood

Brigitte is another cozy, easy-fitting sweater. You can choose a more neutral or subtle color for a more refined sweater, or grab something punchier for more fun!

© Jennifer Wood

© Jennifer Wood

This sweater was designed to be knit from the top down in Dreamy, a fingering-weight Superwash Merino, Cashmere, and Silk blend, shown here in Arizona. 

© Jennifer Wood

© Jennifer Wood

Either of these sweaters is perfect for so many cold-weather occasions, from early morning soccer games to decorating the Christmas tree!

Click here to visit Jennifer's Ravelry store, or click the photos above to take you directly to each pattern's page. To find Oasis and Dreamy, visit our website to find a local or online retailer. If the yarn you're looking for is not available at your LYS, you can place a special order through any store that carries Anzula.