How do I wash my yarn?

All of our yarns are different, but we recommend hand-washing in cold water and laying flat to dry. If you use soap, please use a product developed for washing handmade items such as Soak; never use detergents.

Where can I get one more skein in the same dye lot?

Because we dye in small batches, getting the same dye lot can be quite difficult. We recommend buying or ordering another skein and striping the new skein into your project.

What do I do if my yarn is bleeding?

If your finished project is bleeding, you can use a color grabber to pull the color out of the water. Before you begin your project, you should swatch and soak your swatch to see if the yarn will bleed. If it does, you can soak your yarn in vinegar water and rinse it until the water runs clear.

Can I buy yarn directly from you?

We're a wholesaler only - we sell directly to retail shops. But with so many shops carrying our yarns, you most likely will find a shop close to you. And if not, you can always order online!

I can't find the yarn I want, where can I get it?

There are many shops that carry our yarns and there is probably one close to you. If not, you can order online! All of our shops can take special orders - no special order is too small, you can even order just one skein.