Pattern Spotlight: Emerald City Socks by Lisa Ross

This week I’m excited to introduce the third pattern in my Socks of Oz collection: Emerald City.

I was so excited to collaborate with Anzula on this design and the pattern is perfectly paired with their Squishy base. If you’ve never used Squishy, you’re in for a treat for both your knitting hands and your sock-wearing feet. It combines incredible softness with a silky smooth twist. It glides between your fingers as each stitch is made and the footwear created is *almost* too soft and pretty for shoes. The subtle variegation in the semi-solid Anzula colorways pair perfectly with the lace design that extends up the instep of this design.

Although the lace along the front of the sock is the main feature, there are little details along the way that both the knitter and the wearer will appreciate. The one that makes me ridiculously happy are the lines of twisted rib that extend from the base of the heel all the way up to the cuff. These simple stitches create clean lines up the back of the leg reminiscent of the seamed stockings that were popular at the time the Wizard of Oz was released in theaters. It’s a modern twist on classic style.

The pattern includes lace that is both charted and written, as well as a photo tutorial for working a sewn bind-off for a flexible cuff. Though seemingly complex, this sock is easier than it looks with no wrapped or picked-up stitches. Best of all, there is a knitalong happening in the Paper Daisy Creations group. If you complete ONE sock by the end of May, you could be eligible to win one of the amazing prizes, including your own skein of Anzula Squishy! For more details, click here.

Just for being awesome, Anzula fans can purchase Emerald City for just $2 with the code ANZULA. The entire collection of four patterns is being released on Ravelry throughout the month of April, and for a limited time, is only $5 with code SOCKSOFOZ.

Happy Knitting!