Test to see if yarn will bleed in a project

This simple method will allow you to create a tiny rope to test the wetfastness of the yarns you plan to use together. You can use these little samples when you aren’t going to create a full swatch.

twist the strands

Step 1

Cut about 10-12 inches of each color you plan to use. We like to add a strand of white or cream even if it isn’t going to be in the final project.

Twist the strands together.


Step 2

Bring your hands together and allow the strands to twist back on themselves.


Step 3

Tie the loose ends into a knot to keep it together when wet.

Once you have your tiny rope you can soak or wash it however you would your project. Once it’s dry you can also untie or cut the knot to check between the strands for color transfer.