17 Days In

The great thing about being on the road, and having a co-pilot that loves to drive, is that I have been getting lots of knit time in. The rough side is, a lot of the driving is after dark. The other night we were driving into Southern Pines, NC, and we were about an hour and a half away when my yarn came out in one of those infamous knots from the center of the ball.

I worked away on it for a bit, following all my rules about dealing with knots. When I got to what I thought was just one loop slipped through another and I would be free to knit again, I broke my rule of never pulling, because I was certain that was the solution. And boy, was I wrong. I turned what should have been an easy fix into a problem that would require a lot more light than what I could glean from the passing street lamps, and most likely some pins. Unless I wanted to break my yarn, which I really didn't, I would not be able to knit for the remainder of the drive. Believe me, I seriously thought about breaking my yarn.

The next morning, after we set up for the trunk show at Bella Filati and the first wave of knitters came through, I asked Holly if she had any pins or needles I could borrow for my knot. 

I believe I held my breath the whole time. 

Since then, we have had a lot more time on the road, and the body of my sweater is trekking along. I was starting to get excited that I might just finish this one time, especially with the long flight we have today. But then I remembered two sleeves are basically the same amount of knitting as the body, and when I finish the body I won't actually be done with it, since the collar is a large portion of the actual sweater. Fingers crossed, I learn how to bend the space time continuum...