Announcing a New Colorway - Sexy!

If you follow Anzula, you might know that we usually release new colorways twice a year - at the Summer and Winter TNNA tradeshows. So it's not only unusual, but unprecedented, that we have a colorway release in October. It's pretty apt though that we are releasing this colorway right at the cusp of fall - this is going to be amazing in your fall & winter knitting.

Meet Sexy! 


Why Sexy? This colorway was developed in collaboration with and in honor of Anzula's relationship with Sarah Wilson, The Sexy Knitter. Sarah and Sabrina discussed a lot of different ideas about what the inspiration for "Sexy" should be, and they settled on Sarah's hair! This deep, dark brown is a really nuanced neutral that will complement a lot of different colors. 

This colorway is available for order immediately. Contact your LYS and place a special order for a skein or two, and let us know what you're going to make with it and what colors you're going to pair it with!