Christmas is in a Week—Don't Panic!

Just kidding. It's go time. Panic all you want, because seriously, A WEEK FROM NOW YOU'RE GONNA BE STUFFING YOUR FACE WITH SO MANY UNHEALTHY (delicious) THINGS AND THEN YOU HAVE TO GIVE PEOPLE THINGS.

I still have about six gifts left on my list. That's not bad, but I am already working on my yoga breathing just thinking of the crowds this weekend. How does your list look?

This is that time of year where I also start thinking, “Oh, wait, I can totally make a gift in a week!  If I push sleeping back to 3 am and wake up two hours early to start in again, I can definitely finish that really complicated king-sized afghan for my mom.”

Don't ask my mom where her secret Santa gift from 6 years ago is, by the way. It was almost a potholder, last I checked.

But what gifts can you absolutely crank out, no problemo? If you're my sister, you can teach yourself to crochet and finish a fairly complicated pattern for a throw blanket in about 5 days. But seriously, she's not actually human. Pretty sure she is proof that The Singularity is Near. But aside from my cyborg sibling, it may not be as easy for those of us with *ahem* lives to get as much done.

So here are a few quick patterns to finish off your Christmas list.

For your cousin, who just had a really cute baby:

 Cosette by Jenny Raymond

Simple, beautiful, and in our semi-solid colorways, this easy project becomes an heirloom. If you've got some Squishy in your stash, the only thing stopping you from knitting this sweet thing up right now is that you're politely holding off on clicking the link until you finish reading this blog. Thanks, pal.

That friend with the cold feet:

Footie Socks by Miriam Felton

So this could only be funnier if you actually have a friend who was a runaway bride. But either way, these socks are perfect for anyone who doesn't want their shoes to stink from going barefoot all summer. Not that I've had that problem, but you know, it could be a real thing. These socks are great for even the lowest low tops! And in Anzula's Cloud it'll make your buddy feel like they're walking on air. Or fleeing the altar.

The dapper gent:

Sunday Best Bow Tie by Kate Oates

Cute doesn't even begin to describe it. Just stahhhpppp. This one uses Cricket, but I'm pretty sure that Croquet would be great too.

For him, er them:

Raleigh Brin Hat by Brownie Girl Knits

Know a terrible twosome who probably should be identified by their matching headwear to warn the general public of their shenanigans? (I'm basically describing my husband and son here…) Here's a really beautiful pattern that will function as a sincere gift, but with the added perk of letting people know that these two are together. But probably should never sit together. Especially at a formal holiday dinner table. And, even better—it's in For Better or Worsted, which works up so fast and feels so luxe. You know what I'm talking about.

Your sister, who can knit a cozy for a Seatrain container in under 4 hours:

Just buy her the danged yarn and cut your losses. Maybe even give her a pattern of something YOU want.

Do you have a favorite last-minute pattern that you rely heavily on? Share it in the comments!

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