Day 7

Despite being almost a quarter of the way through our 30 Day Sweater challenge, I'm definitely not a quarter of the way through my sweater.

The garter tube that is the cuff of my sleeve has taken more time than I expected. I am using the Magic Loop method, which I did not find to be so magic the first three times I pulled it out. Charlie gave me some tips on holding the two sides of the sleeve together while knitting so it's going along much better now. 

I am also putting a knit stitch as the first stitch on each side, which seems to be helping me prevent ladders. I'm not sure if it is actually the knit stitch that is solving my ladder problem, or all of the practice from knitting and frogging, but something is working.

I've embraced the mixture of marathon and sprint that is knitting a sweater in 30 days. After frogging the cuff so many times, I've decided to start just going with it, in the spirit of NaNoWriMo. The new object for me is not to have a perfect sweater, but to have knit a sweater and learned all the new techniques that go along with that, in 30 days.