Halfway through the month, half a sleeve knit

My knitting would be going along much more quickly if I wasn't stopping every few rows to try on my sleeve. It just fits so perfectly! 


I'm finding Maeve to be an ideal pattern for my first garment. I am able to try it on at most points of its creation, so I will be able to make any modifications necessary without needing much in the way of experience or calculation. Holding the Breeze and Oasis together is creating the most amazing, luscious fabric. At this gauge the fabric is pleasantly dense without being too heavy, and will only become softer with time. 

As promised in my earlier post, I'm embracing the imperfection of handmade. I did not rip my cuff out for the fourth (fifth?) time to fix the garter stitch; I went forward with the pattern and kept adding more knit rows between the purl rows instead.

Maeve was the perfect choice for my first sweater. What pattern and yarn did you choose for your first sweater? Was it a good choice? Visit our Ravelry group for more discussion!