Meet the Designer: Heather Zoppetti

Today I want to share part two of my interview with Heather Zoppetti, founder of Stitch Sprouts. Part one was posted Tuesday, and was focused on the pattern booklets Stitch Sprouts is releasing for For Better or Worsted, Cricket, and Squishy. Part two of the interview is about Heather's design work.

What drew you to designing?

I came into designing naturally. It all started with a love of knitting and a habit of changing existing patterns. From there I started working out my own patterns. My husband encouraged me to start submitting to knitting publications, and that’s when my career really started to take off

How would you encourage a novice to take up knitting?

I would tempt them with yummy yarns and beautiful patterns. I think the tools and the projects you work with as a beginner help determine your future as a knitter. 

What's your favorite LYS?

I don’t have just one favorite LYS. I’m blessed to live in an area with many fabulous shops. Here are some of my favorites: The Mannings, The Knitter’s Edge, Ball & Skein, The Knitting Boutique, and Stitches with Style.

Favorite Anzula colorway? Line?

Wow - that’s a hard question! I don’t think I can pick a favorite color. But I’m currently madly in love with the new Cole yarn. I’m working on a new pattern with it now and it is spectacular!

Tell us about your project in the booklet!

Fogliame, knit in Squishy, shown in Emerald.

Fogliame, knit in Squishy, shown in Emerald.

My Fogliame (pronounced: faux-glee-AH-may) pattern appears in the Squishy collection. I LOVE this pattern. Worked from the top down as a raglan, I know many knitters will love it as well. The plain top branches out into a full lace-leaf skirt giving this cardigan plenty of swing and drape.

Favorite TV show to watch / music to listen to while knitting?

I don’t watch much on tv, but often watch shows online. My current favorites are Gotham, Orphan Black, and Downton Abbey. If I’m not watching a show, I’m either reading or listening to a book or watching my husband play games on the tv. I often joke that I get the most reading done when I have the most knitting to do!

What's the most overlooked aspect of designing or knitting a finished piece?

I think consumers of patterns don’t realize how much time and effort go into making a good pattern. There are so many pieces besides the actual design: photography, editing, charting, schematics, copywriting, sample knitting… it’s a long process and it breaks my heart to see patterns being offered for free. Knowing the kind of work that goes into them, it just seems wrong.

Do you teach classes? Where?

I do teach, you can see my schedule on my site here. The list is always being updated and sometimes falls behind. You’ll notice many of my favorite LYS’s listed there

A huge thank you to Heather! You can get your booklets right now on Ravelry, or soon at your LYS. Watch for more interviews coming soon with some of the other Stitch Sprouts designers who created pieces for the booklets, like Ruth Garcia-Alcantud, Corrina Ferguson, Barbara Benson, and Mindy Wilkes.