Introducing the New Anzula Winter 2016 Colorways!

We're a little nutso about color here at Anzula. We'd have to be to navigate the subtle and nuanced differences between say, Bark and Rootbeer. So it should come as no surprise when we announce our new colorways, we're probably even more stoked about them than you are. (However, you should be stoked. You should be very stoked!)

These four beauties are making their debut just in time for TNNA—speaking of stoked. Even if you're not running amok at the trade show you can be among the first to see our new colorways.

Without further ado (drumroll, please.), here they are!

Bubblegum, Opal, Alice, and Lottie

Go Ask Alice

Alice is a crisp, bright blue that evokes big blue saucer-eyes and insatiable, childlike curiosity. Next stop, Wonderland!

It would mean a Lottie

Lottie is a sophisticated gal, smooth and cosmopolitan. Her friends only admit in hushed voices that they are green with jealousy over her richness and complexity. 

It's Opals to Oranges, m'dear.

A sleek gray with different hues of lavender striated throughout, Opal's multi-dimensional effect is elegant and ever changing just like the gemstone. Put this one on the list for every October birthday on your knitting list.

Bubblegum Pop Star

Frenchy from Grease called, she wants her failed cosmetology practicum back. But really, is there anything more nostalgic than a good Bubblegum pink? Gaze into the twisty ply and remember all the Bubble Tape you talked your mom into buying for you. 

So there you have it: the winter 2016 colorway line-up. We hope that if we don't see you at TNNA, we will soon as we embark on another tour!