Hello Friends!

With the success of our Local Yarn Store Day kits we have decided to run with them. We have a few that I am excited to share with all you Anzula lovers. One for the beginner or mindless knitter. One for knitters that are advanced or looking for a challenge. And an extra special kit for one of the biggest shopping days of the year.


Camille in Veiled Alice

Camille in Veiled Alice

For the beginner or mindless knitter, which I often am. I don't know about you but by the end of the day I often don't have the mental energy to follow a complicated pattern. Camille is the perfect pattern for just that. She is designed in our new veiled dye method, half black and half traditional color. This kit comes with Brittney's new Scarfie needles, a skein of either Lucero or Cricket depending on if you want sparkles of not, and the Camille pattern. Written by me!


Oregana by Stephannie Tallent

Oregana by Stephannie Tallent

Using two skeins of Cloud, which yes is just that soft, you create a beautiful shawl that sits perfectly on your shoulders and flairs out in gorgeous lace at the ends. The best part of the piece isn't hiding behind you. Another gorgeous design by Stephannie Tallent.

Posh Kit

Lux Kit

Small Business Saturday!

We have paired up with Pawley Studios and Stitch Sprouts to create the most luxuriously posh kits. In fact there are two for you to choose from. Our posh kit includes 2 of our 50-gram skeins of Squishy, a small mug from Pawley Studios, and a pattern and a stitch marker from Stitch Sprouts.

For an added bit of luxury we have our Lux kits. Two 50-gram skeins of our new 100% cashmere yarn, Serenity, a large Pawley mug, and a pattern and limited edition stitch marker from Stitch Sprouts.

I hope you love these kits! To order, contact your local yarn shop today!

Happy Stitching!