New Winter 2017 Colorways!

Now that the excitement of TNNA and STITCHES West has settled down, we are proud to introduce our four (4!) new colorways:

Cricket in Riot, Tesla, Birdie and Creamsicle

The Bluebird of Happiness was our inspiration for this color. A true, bright blue, it makes us pretty happy and hope it makes you happy, too!

Also known as a 50/50 bar, this colorway is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! A delightfully creamy orange that would pop(sicle) in any project.

We do have several reds already, but something was still missing. Riot delivers with a brickish, tomato red we're sure you'll throw a riot over.

Electric! This new colorway is the definition of shocking. Named after the genius inventor, Nikola Tesla, this colorway is sure to make your hair stand on end!

There you have it! Be sure to get these hot new colors on your hooks, needles and looms as soon as possible. You don't want to miss out!