Pattern Spotlight: Fissure

I have had this pattern in my head for a while now, and was just waiting for the perfect yarn to come along, and then I was able to get a preview of Anzula's new yarn Gerty and knew it would be perfect! I love Anzula's colors, and no different on this base, they have a very tender quality to them. The yarn itself is crisp, bouncy and has a very natural feel to it.

But I bet you probably want to hear about the shawl.

Fissure knit with Anzula Gerty in colorways Victoria, Gravity, and Herb.

This shawl is about change. Letting change happen and making change happen. Change that takes place in nature and in our lives everyday.

In nature change often is seasonal and cyclical and ever repeating in a never ending dance. Fissure can be the dry earth cracking open in the hot summer sun, or concrete giving way to roots pushing up from below the sidewalk. The change of spring sprouting to the surface, or the change of cracks when something has been stagnant and there too long.


Looking at the word, it evokes some mixed feelings, a disconnect perhaps, a break in our relationship with nature, a weakened area. But a weakened are can be a good thing, if it breaks you free from an unjust place. And in this way it can be a reminder that something is shifting, stirring. Change will happen, needs to happen, and perhaps we need to help it along.

Where ever in your life or the world you may want to move and shake things, and have real change happen, I hope this shawl can be a reminder to you, that even the smallest crack can point the way for major shifts!

The shawl uses 3 colors in subtle contrasts, and a slip stitch and slip stitch 'pseudo' cable pattern. I call it that, because you can easily manipulate these stitches without ever using a cable needle. (I didn't use one for the entire shawl even though the pattern calls for one). 

You can get your own copy of the Fissure pattern on Ravelry here. Now through November 5th you can use the coupon code "Change" for 25% off.

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