Meet the Designer: Angela Tong

Over the last month or two we've been introducing you to Stitch Sprouts designers who participated in the pattern book project that features three of our most popular yarns - For Better or Worsted, Cricket, and Squishy. Today's spotlight is on Angela Tong.

How do you encourage a novice to take up knitting?

I tell them all it takes is to learn 1 stitch and you can begin knitting. I recently taught my 6 year old how to knit and she was hooked immediately. She was so proud of herself and announced "I am a knitter!"

What's your favorite LYS?

I don't have one favorite LYS. Every yarn store carries different types of yarn so it's great to have so many choices. I try to visit as many as I can.

Favorite Anzula colorway?

Oh I could never choose a favorite color. I love the variety of colors that Anzula dyes.

Tell us about your project in the booklet! 

The Ginto Shawl is knit with 2 skeins of Squishy. I wanted to design a large shawl with a Faroese-style center panel for the spine of the shawl. Although this is a large shawl, it can fit a variety of sizes depending on how it is worn or styled around your neck. Another neat thing about the shawl is that it can be easily sized down or up. The knitter won't have to do any math. The modification is noted in the Notes section of the pattern.

The Tekstur Hat and Cowl was designed with beginner knitters in mind. Each project takes only 1 skein of For Better or Worsted. It's simple but has an interesting stitch pattern which creates a beautiful textured knit fabric.

Do you teach classes? Where?

I teach at yarn stores in NJ and I also teach online. I am the instructor for the Rigid Heddle Weaving Class on Recently, I filmed 2 videos for Interweave called Structures of Shawls which is available as a DVD or video download and Pin-Loom Designs which is a video download. Both available through

You can catch up with Angela on her blog, Facebook page, and Twitter.

Thank you to Angela for the interview! You can get your Stitch Sprouts pattern booklets right now on Ravelry, or soon at your LYS.