Loose Ends

I don't know about you, but I have too many unfinished projects. In thinking of this blog post, I realized that all of my unfinished projects are knit and not crochet, unless it's an afghan or something huge that I've squirreled away in a box. I'm a much better crocheter than I am a knitter, though, so it makes complete sense. I can bust out a baby pinafore in a couple hours! I've also done my own pattern of crocheted tam, something I'm not nearly comfortable enough to do with knitting. I've even got some yarn on hold at the factory because I know if I bring it home with me, I'll want to start another project (or two) with it. I'm waiting until I complete at least one project before bringing home more yarn.

So here they are, my loose ends:

I started off strong! This was after 2 or 3 days.

I started off strong! This was after 2 or 3 days.

I love love love this shawl. I saw it in our knit sample collection and knew I had to make it, even though I haven't really done much lacework. The colorway Alice is one I was lucky enough to name after my grandma and so I wanted to make her something in her colorway. With a little help, I got it started and did pretty well until I got to the lace part.

It's so pretty though...

It's so pretty though...

Lace is hard! It's not the knitting that's difficult, though, it's paying attention to what you're doing. I can't tell you how many times my husband has said something to me and I just started counting out loud so he would know I wasn't ignoring him. I hope he's nodding his head as he reads this. I'm really almost done with this shawl, but I do have to pull some of the lace rows out and get going on it again.

Socks by Me!
Anzula Squishy in Navy

I'm really proud of that heel.

I'm really proud of that heel.

I had originally gotten this yarn to make some baby leggings for my adorable daughter, Frankie, but I didn't complete one before she decided to grow. So I ripped it out and stored it away. I forget how I got it into my head that I would make some socks, but I (incorrectly) thought making socks would be easy. I'm good at math and the math part wasn't easy! Another Frankenstein'd project later, and I'm almost done with the instep part of the sock. But it's taking forrrr-eeeee-veerrrrrr. If my foot weren't so long, I'd probably be done with it by now. Oh, but then I'll have to make another one. Sigh.

My favorite part about this sock was learning about how to do a heel flap and doing it S1K1 (check out Step 5) to make a more durable heel. I liked that so much, I'm doing it on the bottom of the sock as well.

3D Glasses Hat by Me Again
Anzula Cricket in One Red Shoe, (Not shown) Paradise and Au Natural

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've started this project like 3 times - I twisted my round once, didn't leave a long enough tail to cast on, and I think the first time I pulled it all off because I wanted it to be smaller or bigger or I don't know why. I'm like the knitter version of a cat.

Remember the Cricket Paradise I had leftover from a pillow cover AND some fingerless mitts? I still have just a bit left, so I tried to think of what I could do with it. I had a ball of Cricket One Red Shoe (my very first Anzula yarn) that I never got to because I couldn't figure out what to do with it. I haven't delved into intarsia yet, so I decided to try my hand at it. And what better than 3D glasses on a hat?! Charting it wasn't too difficult:

chart (1).gif

It took me a little while because I did it upside down at first. But it's cute, right?!

Well, there you have it! My unwoven ends. If only I just had ends to weave. What are your unfinished projects? What's keeping you from completing them?