I managed to finish the Baby Sophisticate sweater on November first. One day after the deadline! Not too bad. I was knitting furiously on the sleeves in between trick or treaters all Halloween night, but couldn't quite make it happen. 

Now ends have been woven in, and the smallish holes in the underarms have been sewn up. I still haven't found the "perfect" buttons though. I luckily have a few months to hint around!  

This was a fun and relatively painless knit, although I have a confession to make:

After a solid decade as a knitter, picking up wrapped stitches after "wrapping and turning" is still not something I'd describe as a strength of mine. As there were plenty of "w&t's" involved in the formation of this shawl collar, I still don't consider it a skill that I possess,  but I at least managed to muddle through.

I'm so happy with the way my tiny sweater turned out! I know silk and camel isn't the most practical choice for a baby garment, but I adore Oasis and it is so soft and scrumptious- I consider it an heirloom that is worthy of some extra effort and handwashing.