Yarnover Truck Turns One!

It's Yarnover Truck's first birthday next week! 

Before she was blue!

Before she was blue!

Right before Christmas 2012 Barbra and Meridee stopped by the factory to place an order. We were so excited to hear more about their plans and honored to be the first order they placed for the truck!

We knew right away that we wanted to work together on an exclusive colorway. The ladies created a Pinterest inspiration board and not long after, Sabrina created Minty Unicorn! (There's a little more to that story, too.)

They brought the truck through in February to pick up the yarn, and we could see their dream coming together!

After all of our emails and phone calls and visits, and seeing all the work they were putting into making the truck as awesome as possible, of course we were ready to party with the ladies at the launch party in March!

In the fall, because of their experience with their own successful campaign, Barbra and Meridee gave us a lot of advice on our Indiegogo campaign. It was invaluable! They also donated a bunch of Minty Unicorn as well as Truck buttons and stickers that we used as perks. 

And just last month, it was awesome to see them drive the truck onto the floor at Stitches West this year! 

We're going to be celebrating on Sunday, March 23, at Bob Hope Park. We're bringing a trunk show, and there will be cake!