Day 3

Three days, really? Somehow three days have passed since we started our 30 day sweater challenge. Have I cast on? Nope. I'm going to pretend I have an excuse, and I am going to share that with you. You be the judge after that. Don't worry, I understand the judgement. But be warned, there were kittens, but I'll get to that latter. 

You may or may not know that Logan and I fly out for another East Coast adventure on Monday. We will be starting our adventure in Virginia, transversing North Carolina, then putting the beast to bed in Georgia.

There is always a lot to do at the yarn factory before I can hit the road again,  so I knew I needed to cast on in the evening. Which I totally planned to do Wednesday night, but before I could do that I had to run some errands to reunite my friend's kid with her shoes. I picked up the shoes from point A and my friend was introducing her 6 month old kitten to the outdoors, I had to stay, watch, and play for a bit. I finally pulled myself away from the cuteness and delivered the shoes to point B, and you wouldn't believe it, but this friend had a kitten that was just a few weeks old abandoned on her doorstep. As she was putting her three littles to bed, the kitten needed to be fed and tended to. I couldn't really say no. So, I bottle fed a kitten that was smaller than my hand rather than casting on my sweater. I don't even know what happened yesterday. Today was full of meetings. But! I have officially cast on! 

Then, I looked at the second line. P2, pm. Place marker. Of course I'm going to have to place a marker. Have I ever knit a sweater that didn't need stitch markers? I know I probably own hundreds of stitch markers. Do I know were they are? Nope. I have the set that Meg gave me for my birthday.


But I enjoy looking at them too much to use them. I dug through my catch all drawer, and found a Kit Kat, but no stitch markers. Yes, I ate the Kit Kat. Shhh. Then I remembered an extra secret hiding spot. Sometimes I slip stitch markers in the tube I keep my darning needles. I unscrewed the top and dumped the contents, out fell four stitch markers. I double checked the pattern, it called for four. I'm set. 


Now I need to knit this row before I lose these stitch markers.