Feasting with Jimmy Beans Wool

One of the reasons it was so exciting that Jimmy Beans Wool picked us up this year was because they are always doing some sort of creative, exciting project. So when they asked us to be a part of this year's Fit For a Feast, we were all-in!

Around the warehouse, we started talking about favorite Thanksgiving foods. We batted around so many different ideas. Holiday traditions aren't a common topic of conversation, but you can really get to know more about each other through finding out how everyone celebrates. We had a great time swapping stories, but we weren't any closer to choosing a food to be the inspiration for our colorway. 

Our lead dyer, Kelly, decided to take the evening to think about it. She asked her son, Charles, what his favorite Thanksgiving food was. After reminiscing about holidays past, he decided that his favorite was Triple Berry Pie, so that's what our colorway had to be!

Kelly worked to create each berry color individually, as well as the perfect crust color, before combining them, tweaking as necessary, and finally dyeing a skein of Triple Berry Pie. What she didn't have the recipe for, though, was the actual triple berry pie of Charles' memory. Knowing that Charlie, our operations manager, does a lot of baking, she asked her about pie recipes. Charlie agreed to share a family recipe for berry pie, and that is what is included in the Fit For a Feast recipe booklet! 

You can get your own skein of Triple Berry Pie only on Squishy, for a limited time, and only at Jimmy Beans! Choose the single skein, the full feast, or try the sampler