Featured Project: RobbieRobbie's Baby Ensemble

What's cuter than a Gramps / Baby Sophisticate hybrid?

Ravelry user RobbieRobbie knit this baby ensemble from For Better or Worsted in Denim and Madam that she picked up at The Knit Cafe in Toronto. I asked her about her projects and she shared the inspiration behind the set!

"I chose the sweater pattern because I love cardigans, and shawl collars in particular. There’s also something irresistibly adorable and super entertaining about a baby in a “grandpa” sweater - so they’ve become something of a staple for my baby gift knitting. I’ve tried a couple of popular patterns including Gramps & the Baby Sophisticate and have come to prefer a bit of a hybrid of the two. I love how fun and simple the Baby Sophisticate is to make, but there’s just something about elbow patches!"

"I chose the booties because all of my mom friends love the Robeez style booties and these are right up that alley! It didn’t hurt that they were super cute, not to mention fun and interesting to make. The construction is clever, and it’s an engaging pattern."

"I chose the hat b/c baby Elliott’s dad wears one similar (flat top with brim) and wore it regularly when a group of us were on vacation in Costa Rica together, so I’ve come to associate the style with him. I was looking for a cute, and different style of hat for this set, and loved that this found a clever way to have a brim without needing any extra materials."

"I chose Anzula because it’s the best of so many worlds. The colors are fantastic. Rich and interesting. The fibre is quality, and even an unschooled hand can feel that. Whether in the skein or knit up, For Better or Worsted feels luxurious and wonderful. Even though this yarn is luxurious, it’s still a workhorse. It’s superwash and it wears fantastically well. It’s a dream to knit with spongy and lofty and just pure awesome."

"I chose this yarn because the parents are important to me, and I wanted to show them that. Not just through the time and effort I put into planning and making this set, but what I chose to make it with."

Thank you so much to Robbie for letting us share her adorable baby ensemble on the blog today!