Monkey Along with Anzula: Weeks Four and Five

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here at Anzula headquarters as we prepare for TNNA, so we've had to skip a week or two of updates. This week we're back with a lot of progress and some pictures from our workroom.

Sabrina's Cloud Monkeys were the first to be completed. She estimates that she has enough yarn left to complete another pair of socks, which is great, because this pair is sadly a bit small for her.

However, Charlie's recently completed Sebastian Monkeys are a bit large for her, so she and Sabrina have decided to trade pairs. She used almost her entire skein, and was only able to get five repeats of the pattern above the heel--it's a good thing she knit the socks toe-up!

Kim and Sylvia are still working their way down the legs of their first Monkeys. They're both working on the last repeat before the heel flap, and their rivalry is really heating up! Sylvia is really excited to see what it means to turn a heel. Kim is just excited to be knitting.

Megan was home sick on picture day, but she managed to finish her Haiku Monkeys. Because there is so much yarn in a skein of Haiku, she was able to knit ten repeats of the chart above the heel, adding stitches to accommodate her calves. She used every inch of her skein of Curry Haiku, and is really excited for the return of cooler weather so she can wear them all the time.

Please let us know on ravelry if you decide to knit a pair of Monkeys! See you next week!