Monkey Along with Anzula: Week Three

The Anzula Monkey-Along is in its third week, and we've got some great progress to show you! Sabrina's in the home stretch with her Cloud Monkeys--she's turned the heel on her second sock and is now progressing down the foot.

Charlie is currently turning the second heel on her Sebastian Monkeys. She's chosen the Eye of Partridge heel, and it looks really great due to Sebastian's great stitch definition.

Megan is on her fifth repeat above the heels of her Haiku Monkeys. She's really loving how the subtle color changes ripple through the pattern.

Sylvia has completed one repeat of the chart below the ribbing on her Dreamy Monkeys. She's finding the pattern easier to knit as she goes on, and the Dreamy really makes a difference--it's soft and manageable.

Kim is still working her way through the first pattern repeat on her Squishy Monkeys. She likes how the yarn feels when she knits with it, and she thinks her socks will be nice and warm for cool days in the dyeroom.

If you'd like to make Monkeys of your own, you can find the pattern here. Share your progress or cheer us on here.