Review: The Sexy Knitter's Tool Tin

We were thrilled when Sarah Wilson, The Sexy Knitter, invited us to have our yarns and spinning fibers featured on her tool tins.  She generously sent us sample tins so we could try them out for ourselves. 

I promptly chose my favorite and tossed it into my knitting bag. I've been carrying it around for just over a week and am pleased to say that the image is still securely adhered to the top and doesn't show any scratches. I also appreciated that the lid stays closed while in my bag and is still easy to open. 

Here's what's inside:

Tape Measure
5 Stitch Markers
Cable Needle
Double-Ended Crochet Hook (2 sizes)
3 Sewing Needles
Stitch Holder

Everything fits easily and there is even a magnet at the top of the lid to hold the needles in place, which I love. The whole thing is the size of an Altoids tin, so it even fits well in my sock sized project bags. 

The tape measure is 60 in/150 cm, which is plenty for my size 18 body, but just barely long enough to measure my husband's chest. It definitely suffices for travel use. 

Tiny scissors are tiny. They should make it through just about any security check. They handled all my trimming needs for the week and even though they are pretty tiny, I didn't have any trouble with them. 

Can I tell you how much I adore these stitch markers? They are seriously cute, light weight, and more durable than you would expect. I tried to squish one. I probably could have, but it was much more difficult than I expected. I usually prefer the loopy style stitch markers, but I was pretty happy with these.

My favorite thing was the double-ended crochet hook. I crochet as well, so at home I always have hooks around, but not when I'm on the go.  My project right now is garter stitch, so having this little beauty in my bag made a couple of dropped stitches much less of a headache. 

Sarah has a special offer just for Anzula readers to make them an even better deal. Through September 1st, the code FriendsofAnzula is good for 20% off a purchase of $25.00 or more (wholesale listings and monthly collection excluded). Click here to visit The Sexy Knitter Etsy Shop.  The tins are also available for wholesale, resale license not required, more information is available here

Overall, I think The Sexy Knitter Tool Tins are a great buy.  Everything you need in a tiny little box. So grab a project, your tool tin, and hit the road!

Project Spotlight: Vanek's Laneway

When I'm looking for projects to feature on the blog, I surf around Ravelry looking for really stunning or impressive pieces. And I always get excited about a well-executed knit dress. (Great photos don't hurt, either!) This piece from Vanek is a wonderful example of a stylish, modern, gorgeous dress! I am thrilled that she shared more about the creation of the dress and allowed us to feature it on the blog. 

© Vanek

© Vanek

When I purchased my first Anzula Haiku at LYS, I fell for the color, it was Black Cherry and I couldn’t resist it. I made a summer cardigan with this yarn and during the process I kept admiring the quality of the yarn and a pleasure to knit with it. When I finished the cardigan, I started looking for more Haiku. I have to say, there is not much around, or maybe I am looking in the wrong places. Anyway, I found some selection on the web site (don’t remember which one) and ordered a couple of colors. (She later let me know that she ordered it from Knit Culture Studio!) 

© Vanek

© Vanek

When I saw Laneway, I liked the pattern right away. After going through my stash and trying a few yarns that would fit yarn requirements for the pattern, I did not find anything that I liked. Finally, I tried Anzula Haiku in (Sexy), and it was it. I had some difficulties finding the right color for the stripes though. It had to be fingering yarn in a solid color that will show off on the brown.... I was excited to find 1 hank of (Au Natural) on some web site and ordered it. I was very happy when it arrived, it was a great companion for my brown Haiku.

© Vanek

© Vanek

I really like Anzula Haiku, and I wish this yarn was easier to find. The garments made of this yarn have a luxurious silky look and it’s a real pleasure to work with.

Thank you so much to Vanek for allowing me to share her dress on the blog today! If you find yourself unable to find the yarn you are looking for, don't forget that your LYS (or favorite online shop) can place a special order for whatever Anzula yarns or fibers you need, at any time - they are happy to make your knitting dreams come true!