For the Troops!

The Knit Addiction has a challenge for you, here is what they have to say:

Okay hat knitters, another challenge - Our last shipment of hats and scarves has already gone overseas. Debee Wachtel of Knitting4Troops had some great thank you emails from some of the soldiers who got them. One young man thanked her, telling her he is one of 100 soldiers sleeping in an unheated barracks room. He said it gets down to around 45 degrees at night, so they have trouble keeping warm enough to sleep. Debee is packing up a special shipment from several stores to this young man's unit this Saturday, and her son is picking up our items Thursday or Friday morning. Do you have one or two hats or scarves at home you could finish and bring in? Right now we have 20 hats and 4 scarves. Let's see how many more we can add to help Debee send a shipment with 100 hats, so all those soldiers can be warmer when they sleep.

You know what's warmer than wool? Cashmere, Camel & Alpaca. So, we have 125 skeins here at the warehouse of For Better Or Worsted, Cricket, Oasis, Inyo, Kern, Mariposa and Echo in browns, greens, and blues. If you can knit a hat or scarf for the troops by Thursday, come down to our warehouse today and pick up a skein of yarn, then drop off the hat or scarf at Knit Addiction by Thursday. Our knitting group is tonight, feel free to hang out and knit, or just pick up a skein of yarn. We will be here until 8pm. Our address is 740 H St, Fresno, CA 93721.