Press Release

On Sunday, The Fresno Bee – Anzula’s local paper – ran an article with photos about the prospering yarn and knitting culture in our home town.   The piece focuses on Fresno’s three local yarn shops: Janna’s Needle Art, SWATCHES, and The Knit Addiction, which expanded their premises exponentially in November. Reporter Bethany Clough spoke to various members of Fresno’s many knitting groups about what they knit … and what they knit with, like Anzula yarn. Clough visited the Anzula factory, and Fresno Bee photographer, Craig Kohlruss, captured a rare photo of Sabrina in mid-dye.

The article has a feature on Anzula, as the only large-scale local dyeing operation in the entire area. In her interview with Sabrina, Clough reported on how Anzula has grown from being a hobby, to being a small business out of Sabrina’s home, to the yarn now being carried not only in the three yarn shops locally, but to 60 shops all over the continental United States and Canada.

The piece is a wonderful showcase of how one small community can support not just one shop, but three, as well as a full-scale dyeing operation. And the entrepreneurial benefits knitting and craftsmanship can bring to just one local economy.

Make sure you check it out!