Monkey Along with Anzula: Week Two

A week has passed since we announced our Monkey-Along, and we've got a lot to show for it! Things have started to get a bit competitive around the factory this week, with Sabrina's top-down Cloud Monkey knit all the way to the toe, despite the fact that she had to start over with smaller needles! Sabrina's sock is wonderfully soft and looks great with the extra pattern repeat she added to increase the width with size zero needles.

Charlie's Sebastian Monkeys are coming along great! She's noticed that Sebastian has great stitch definition, and although the fabric is a bit dense on size one needles, she thinks they will make amazingly toasty socks. She is ready to start the gusset increases.

Megan's Haiku Monkeys are also in the gusset increase stage. She really loves how Haiku knits up--her stitches are less defined than Charlie's, and have more of a halo. The fabric feels very durable,  and the socks fit her feet wonderfully.

Sylvia has just finished the cuff of her Dreamy Monkey and is moving into the patterned leg portion of her sock after having to frog once. She's amazed at how soft the yarn is, and is looking forward to finding out how it knits up.

Kim is still knitting the cuff of her first Squishy Monkey. She also had to frog the cuff, but she's feeling more confident in her knitting and is preparing to start the pattern soon. Kim loves how Squishy feels while she's knitting, and is enjoying the subtle color variation in her skein.

Are you knitting Monkeys? Let us know how things are going on our Ravelry discussion board.